21st August, 2014

Trip to the Balkans - Finding the edges of my comfort zone

In 1998, when we were watching the World Cup, with such outstanding performance, sometimes my Dad referred the Croatian team as “Nam Tư cũ” (Yugoslavia). As I grew up, the name has gradually become obsolete but I kept wondering about it. The Balkans area has always been one of my priorities since the beginning of my whole European journey. And although I have spent all my savings for this trip, I would never regret it.

 After being submerged in the beautiful Croatian coastlines, I continued my trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina, bearing in mind that the pain from the Bosnian war is still fresh. On the other hand, I don’t want to hold on to the same stereotypes that people usually have towards a victim from any kind of wars.


6 August

Today Quynh and I had to say goodbye to Split and took a bus to Mostar. The ticket cost 125 kunas (around 18 Euros) but somehow I had to pay more than that because the stupid ATM charged me with outrageous rate. But hang in there, it was just the beginning of my bad luck.

 When we arrived at Mostar train station, we had no idea what this country would offer us. There was completely no sights of modern buildings or new car models. Mostar must be the most exotic European city I’d ever been to so far. However, when we came to our place, Hostel Majdas Mostar, we immediately felt so welcomed. The place is extremely cozy and clean. We also met many young travelers and backpackers from almost everywhere here. I would surely recommend this place to anyone who has the intention to visit this city!

Hostel Majdas MostarHostel Majdas Mostar

7 August

 Today was truly a bad luck day for both Quynh and I. In the morning, when we went to the post office to buy some stamps, I realized that I lost 100 BM, which is equal to 50 Euros. To be honest I felt more confused than terrible because I kept wondering what happened to my money. How could my 100 BM bill disappear that easily??? 50 Euros is equal to 7 hours of working like a dog! For a moment I tried to comfort myself by hoping it would compensate for some bad luck! Well, out of all kinds of physical properties, what can be the most valuable thing that a poor girl like me can lose? Later Quynh also faced some mental challenge. I really didn’t know who felt worst then.

 In the afternoon, on the way back to the Old Town, Quynh and I bought a lot of jewelries and I felt really happy with my purchases! I just have that terrible mental disorder of spending all the left money when I don’t have much money left! Somehow it made me feel like I would have nothing else to lose, or something similar.

 In the evening, we went to Hindin Han to have dinner again. This time we went there with Ben, a 21-year-old-intern-in-France from Canada. It was nice that we could share 3 different dishes as well as 2 different cultures during our meal. And then when we came back to the hostel, we had a new comer in our room, Luciano from Argentina. It was a lovely experience because he should be my very first Argentinean friend! Then I also met a father and a son from Ireland. They were also the first Irish people I’ve ever met in my life! After all, the greatest thing about this trip was the chance to meet so many young people from different countries, listen to their accents and know about their cultures. Even my daily Tibetan rites routine cannot make me feel this young and energetic!

8 August

 This morning I said goodbye to Quynh as she was leaving to Sarajevo. Then I went to Blagal with Brian (from Canada) and Renata (from Brazil) because the day tour organized by the hostel was canceled. It didn’t cost too much, like 2 Euros for return tickets so at least I could spend my time efficiently. Then on the way home, I asked Brian what he does and he said he’s a cop! It was such a surprise and I told him that was the first time I’ve ever talked to a cop as a friend. No wonder why he hardly smiles and always talks in serious manner! He said being a cop earns him well and gives him a lot of vacation days too! What I love most about this trip is still the fact that I had a chance to meet different kinds of people whom I’d never thought I would know and talk in real life.

Blagaj, the largest source of drinking water in Easter Europe.Blagaj, the largest source of drinking water in Easter Europe.

 In the afternoon, when I withdrew some money from an ATM, it appeared to me that my account had been out of balance. I freaked out for a moment and then I tried to figure out how to deal with this. I decided to ask Kevin, my housemate for help. I knew he would help but the fear didn’t stop there. When I was about 10, I incidentally watch Brokedown Palace and the idea of getting trapped in a foreign country still managed to haunt me until now. What if there’s no Kevin? What if I don’t have any money left to go back home? Who wouldn’t be so scared of the thought of having no money left? I don’t even possess those talents that can earn me some money. Would I have to sing or dance on the streets? Even if I could, in Mostar, besides poor Bosnian people, there are only budgeted travelers! But isn’t poverty also a good thing? When you have nothing to lose? That is the reason why sometimes I just want to have enough money so that I wouldn’t have to depend on it too much. Crazy thought, I know.

 Then I decided to take some action rather than sit and wait for Kevin’s money to come into my account. After all, it was on weekend, who knows when money will come. So I decided that I would skip the day tour on the next day, and go to Sarajevo by the earliest train in next morning to meet Quỳnh and borrow some cash from her.

 Still couldn’t believe that I missed the chance to join the day tour twice!!!

9 August

 I woke up early to catch the early train from Mostar to Sarajevo at 7am. Luciano also took that train. We had a good time talking and looking out the window for one of the best (if not the best) train routes in Europe!

view on the train from Mostar to Sarajevoview on the train from Mostar to Sarajevo

 Then when I came to the hostel. I was so happy Quynh hadn’t left. We went towards the city center for some good bureks and ice cream, and we said goodbye afterwards. I went to the Old town on my own. And just like Quỳnh said, Sarajevo Old town would very much remind you of Hoi An. I went to 2 different cafes for drinks because it was so hot and I was so sleepy. But then I spent some good time at the Academy of Arts for a photo exhibition so it wasn’t that bad for a day.

photo exhibition at the Sarajevo Academy of Artsphoto exhibition at the Sarajevo Academy of Arts

10 August

 In the morning, Shwan, my roommate and I joined a free walking tour. It was very informative indeed. Sarajevo, the capital of both Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska (de jure) is the also largest city. Going through the post-war reconstruction, Sarajevo is anticipated to be the next tourist attraction is the coming years for its historical background, natural landscape and especially religious diversity. Sarjevo is said to be the Jerusalem of Europe because within short distances, there are Islamic mosques, Roman Catholic churches and synagogues of the Jews. I was lucky to come to Sarajevo when the City Hall has recently been rebuilt and opened for public, after being terribly destroyed during the war.

me in the City Hall, one of my favorite photos of the trip, taken by Pavelme in the City Hall, one of my favorite photos of the trip, taken by Pavel

with Pavel, from Belgium, one of the funniest guys I've ever metwith Pavel, from Belgium, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met

 In the evening, I went to the Avaz Twist Tower with Shwan, Justin and Frank (yeah, me and the guys. Don’t know why this trip I had to share rooms with guys most of the times!) for the panorama view of Sarajevo and the super moon. Then we went back to the hostel for drinks and talks. Out of more than 7 billions people on Earth, we happened to meet in the same place, at the same time to share our stories, wasn’t it so cool? And when Shwan was packing to leave early in the next morning, he reminded me that we forgot to take a photo together. I told him not to worry since we would meet again. Obviously I had no idea when and where, but isn’t the future an interesting mystery? 

11 August

In the morning, I was sitting in the lobby, waiting to check out and the radio played that song “Life for Rent” of Dido. It was not the first time I’ve ever listened to this song but as I was listening to it word by word, I felt like she was trying to converse with me.

 I arrived in Zagreb at around 4pm by bus, as the train route has been canceled due to the flood, successfully exchanged Bosnian Marks into Euros and bought the ticket back to Venice. It would be a long wait but at least I was sure that everything was under my control.

 Then on the night train to Venice, I was sitting next to 2 French girls, who just graduated from high school. One of them was happy to meet me because her grandfather is Vietnamese, too. They were traveling before starting their first year at college. What they were doing, decorating their scrapbooks with pieces of papers, reminded me of myself some years ago. I used to keep all the tickets and maps, basically everything from everywhere. Lately I let go many of them as I realized that I shouldn’t be too attached to things. Is it a necessary part of our evolution?


As expected, the trip ended in a blink of the eye. Although I missed the day tour in Mostar, everything else seemed to be perfectly great. I have never made so many friends as I did in this trip. On the bus from Sarajevo to Zagreb, trains of thoughts passed through my mind and tears came to my eyes when I thought about how much I would miss this land. I’m thankful for who I am today, for the people I’ve met and the places that I’ve been to. Back to the time when I was 16, I was such an emo girl, looking at everything in despairs. But look at who I am today, earning enough money to appreciate every cent of it, going to places that make my friends jealous, making friends with people I’ve never though I would meet in my life. I would never forget all these moments, when I am all alone, sitting in a park, enjoying the company of the nature, strangers, good foods and my thoughts. I don’t know where tomorrow would lead me to but one day, when I have a lot of money, I will never forget this period of my life as the time when I used to be so rich.

17th August, 2014

Trip to the Balkans - Count each blessing twice!

31 July

 I woke up quite early to get ready for the bus and the train and the flight to Venice Treviso. It was a difficult task for those who usually wake up at midday like me. Then I winded up going to the airport 2 hours before the flight! When I checked in, there was a problem with my toiletry bag and I had to throw away some items. The custom guy looked at me and asked if it was okay to throw them, as if I could have just say no and he would give those bottles back to me!

 At Venice Treviso airport, I had to wait 4 hours for the bus to Ljubljana. I decided to stay at the airport, bought a cup of cappuccino and read a book, A visit from the goon squad. Then when time came, I met Tally who also was waiting for the bus and then Johan joined us. It turned out there were only three of us on the mini van but that was even better! Tally is a girl from New Zealand who gave up her marketing job at home and currently teaching English in Barcelona. Johan was born somewhere on those Caribbean islands and then moved to Nederland to work. He has a family in Eindhoven and his wife is from Slovenia so they go to Ljubljana every summer. We were talking about cultures, languages and movies. By talking to them I knew a whole lot more about cultures and languages. It was also the first time I’ve ever heard about Papiamento, from Johan. It’s actually a language that combined from elements of English, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. When Tally told me that my English is good, with a bit of surprise, I told them everyone in Vietnam can speak English like that. I always have that despondent feeling when somehow, the only images foreigners have about Vietnam are from those Hollywood movies about the American war. Come one, we have Internet and even McDonald’s now!

 When we talked about how people like us would define home, I thought maybe home is where my little luggage is.

 When I arrived at Ljubljana train station, I was over-thrilled to see Quỳnh again after almost 2 years!

1 August

 Today Quynh and I went to Bohinj first, as Johan suggested. The lake was astonishingly beautiful and much less touristic than the famous lake Bled. I really enjoyed the bus ride and when I saw the lake, it very much reminded me of Hallstatt, even better, just without the village. Then we struggled a bit on finding the way to the waterfall. There are 2 waterfalls in Bohinj but we chose the less famous and smaller one because we heard that the trail would be much scenic. On the way there, when we crossed the green fields, we met an old Slovenian man and were asked to be taken photos of. About 4 days later we received an email with our scanned pictures from him. We looked so worn out in those photos so I wouldn’t share them!

lake Bohinjlake Bohinj

Then on the way to the waterfall, we found that everything people said about the time estimation was confusing; but the path was absolutely  enjoyable. We spent a lot of time hiking and I couldn’t remember how many times we stopped to take and retake pictures. Not to mention the high level of exposure to testosterone we had that day. We encountered 2 groups of guys. A group of Calvin Klein models - shirtless guys with casual sex jokes, then a group of Tour de France riders - guys on the bikes and I believed it was not because of the cheerleader effect that I found all of them were SO HOT!!! Even to the point of intimidation! I was eating a chocolate cookie when one of them say hello to us and somehow it really made me uncomfortable as I couldn’t smile back! Okay back to the waterfall. Finally we managed to get there after approximately 3 and a half hours in total since we got of the bus I guessed. What disappointed us most was the actual waterfall, slippery and so overrated. But well, I was happy mainly because I didn’t give up half way there.

 On the way back, we were so afraid that we couldn’t make it to town in time for the bus to Ljubljana. But as I expected, we were able to attract a car and hitchhiked back to town. And it turnt out that the couple that gave us the ride have a cottage on one of those hills. The husband was from Croatia and the wife was from Munich, Germany. We were so lucky to hear stories about them and their family. The ride took us 30 minutes and we even had enough time to stop at lake Bled on the way back to our hostel! Thanks to the ride, not only could we save our time but also also our energy for the following day to Zagreb! I felt like my quota of luck would significantly decrease after that event. Life is truly full of magics and I am just so grateful.

Quỳnh and our angelsQuỳnh and our angels

When we came back to town, we separated after sharing a Štruklji, to be described simply as a cheese roll in red wine and cherry sauce. Quỳnh wanted to try more local cakes and I wanted to head back to our hostel for an early sleep. But I ended up buying a beer and stayed a bit for the trumpet band from Switzerland. It was their second night in Ljubljana. I felt quite good standing alone there and did a little bit of dancing. In front of me was a father with his paralyzed son, a mom with her down-syndrome daughter, a young hippie couple, at that moment everyone seemed to have one thing in common: the need to express their positive feelings toward life.


2 August

 We took a bus from Ljubljana to Zagreb and stayed in Zagreb for 1 night.

3 August

 We woke up early, at 5am to catch a bus at 6:30am to Plitvice National Park. Both Quynh and I, at the first glance of Plitvice, agreed that it is the “eden” that Văn Cao mentioned in his song “Thiên Thai”. It had been a great hike until around 2pm, there was a downpour with ice pellets. We had to end our tour there and headed back to catch a bus to Zadar. At first I only considered Zadar a halfway stop to Split (We also were not so happy with the hostel!) but we winded up having the best dinner of our entire trip there. We also found it so hilarious that the trumpet band had followed us from Ljubljana to Zadar. The drummer of the band is so badass that I didn’t mind seeing him for the third time!

Plitvice National ParkPlitvice National Park

4 August

 We didn’t book any place online before we arrived in Split. Fortunately Quynh was sitting next to a Croatian girl on the bus so she recommended her the Design Hostel Golly & Bossy, which cost us 25 Euros per night but compared to other hostels in Split at the moment having the same price for a single dorm bed, that was not so expensive! The place looks like a 5-star hotel at first sight and inside it looks like maybe 4,5!

 My first impression with this city was that it would definitely be in my top 5 favorite European cities! The night life here is truly amazing. The city is full with ancient buildings which reinforced me to read more about Croatian history after this trip! We were so lucky to attended a Macedonian festival and joined the traditional dances with other people. I also took photos with 2 dancers in their Macedonian traditional costumes. We were also very lucky to see the fireworks shooting from the deck! It was a wonderful evening in Split.


 to be continued…

15th July, 2014

Phụ nữ Na và World Cup 2014 - Auf Wiedersehen!

Vậy là WC đã hết thiệt rồi mọi người ơi :( Mà WC hết rồi, các bạn buồn ít, chớ việc ko còn đc đọc Phụ nữ Na và WC nữa mới làm các bạn buồn nhiều, đúng hôn? :P Cảm xúc của bổn thị bi giờ chỉ là hơi chua, nhưng cũng vui. Tối qua trước khi ngủ có rơi giọt nước mắt (ai quánh con bánh bèo này dùm cái!), nhưng nghĩ lại WC năm nay, thị đã quá may mắn khi đc xem với múi giờ châu Âu thì nên cảm thấy hạnh phúc vì điều đó.

 Vậy là sau 24 năm chờ đợi (giống Brazil và Ý), Đức cuối cùng cũng đã có chức vô địch lần thứ 4 của mình, y như dự đoán ban đầu của thị trên trang ESPN. Có điều dự đoán TBN vô khá sâu nên tổ trác rồi, ko có cơ hội giựt giải dẫn mấy bạn đi ăn chè rồi =)) Đức vô địch là hoàn toàn xứng đáng vì lối chơi đồng đội, ko phụ thuộc vào ngôi sao nào hết. Cách đây 4 năm, chẳng phải thế hệ trẻ của Đức đã dự báo sớm điều đó sao :P Na thị cũng rất vui cho Đức và fan Đức (ngoại trừ mấy đứa phong trào!) vì công sức đầu tư đã đc đền bù xứng đáng. Có điều người ghi bàn là Götze, người thị ghét nhất đội, thật là nhọ đó mà :P

© Getty Images  Germany celebrate with the World Cup trophy© Getty Images Germany celebrate with the World Cup trophy

 Đây cũng là lần thứ 2, sau Euro 2012, đội bóng mà thị yêu thích đi tới trận chung kết và thất bại :P Từ đầu mùa tới giờ, Argentina đã bị bao nhiêu thế lực, từ lớn tới nhỏ, từ mạnh tới yếu, từ chuyên nghiệp tới bá vơ, ném đá. Và cảm giác nằm vùng ủng hộ cũng rất là lambada samba tango đó mấy bạn. Sau trận chung kết, Messi đc Quả Bóng Vàng nhưng điều đó chỉ làm người ta ghét Messi nhiều thêm. Thị tuổi con rắn nhưng cầm tinh con gà nên ko biết thực hư thế nào. Chỉ thấy cảm thông với người nổi tiếng như anh, phải chịu nhiều áp lực. Người ta nâng ảnh lên rồi đạp xuống ko thương tiếc, thấy cũng tội. Bởi vậy nên bổn thị cũng sợ ánh hào quang lắm mọi người à…

 No llores por mí, Argentina.

© Getty Images  Golden Glove winner Manuel Neuer of Germany looks on as Jose Maria Marin, President of the CBF, presents Lionel Messi of Argentina with the Golden Ball trophy© Getty Images Golden Glove winner Manuel Neuer of Germany looks on as Jose Maria Marin, President of the CBF, presents Lionel Messi of Argentina with the Golden Ball trophy

Lại nói về Brazil. Chưa bao giờ thấy 1 Brazil bạc nhược tới như vậy. Tới mức trận tranh 3 - 4 giữa Brazil và Hà Lan, bổn thị đã hết sức ủng hộ Hà Lan hấp hành Brazil nhiều nhiều hơn nữa! Người ta ủng hộ 1 đội bóng là cũng vì ủng hộ đất nước, người dân ở nước đó, chớ mấy cầu thủ (muốn gọi bằng thằng ghê!), lãnh lương bạc triệu ở mấy CLB nước ngoài, sống phủ phê, đá thua thì thôi. Thất bại thì đất nước bị mang tiếng. Bởi rứa thị ghét lắm! Chắc tại thị con nhà nghèo nên hay đồng cảm với người nghèo đó mà :P Mà nghĩ cũng hơi buồn cười, trận chung kết cũng giữa Đức và Argentina, trong khi người dân Brazil ủng hộ người vừa hấp mình vì mối thù truyền kiếp với Argentina; thì dân Hà Lan lại quay sang ủng hộ kẻ đã trao cơ hội giành hạng 3 cho mình vì cũng ko ưa người láng giềng Đức. Gì chớ chuyện yêu ghét trong bóng bánh cũng thiệt là phức tạp đó hĩ :P

Nói chung thôi World Cup 2014 kết thúc vậy cũng đẹp lòng người rồi. Đức vô địch, Argentina của thị cũng lọt vô chung kết, Colombia đoạt giải chơi đẹp và James Rodríguez đc Vua Phá Lưới :P Phụ nữ Na và World Cup 2014 cũng xin kết thúc tại đây. Cảm ơn các bạn đã quan tâm theo dõi và ủng hộ. (Thấy cảm ơn chuyên nghiệp ko? hohoho) Ko biết 4 năm sau cái thị nhà mình đang làm gì nhỉ, có còn thích xem bóng banh ko nhỉ? Nếu có thì hy vọng lúc đó nghỉ đẻ hay gì thì sẽ có thời gian viết Phụ nữ Na và World Cup 2018 cho mấy bạn đọc :P Rứa nghe, thân chào!

11th July, 2014

Phụ nữ Na và World Cup 2014 - đường đến Maracanã

Đáng lẽ tính để tới sau trận chung kết rồi viết 1 bài tổng kết luôn, nhưng cảm xúc sau trận đêm qua còn rần rần nên lại lại lôi giấy bút ra đây. Vui quá mọi người ơi, tới nỗi nằm trên giường mà gần 5h sáng mới ngủ đc luôn đó mọi người ơi hihihi.

 Vậy là sau gần 1 tháng trời lăn cùng trái bóng Bazooka, lộn, Brazuca, cuộc chiến cũng dần đi đến hồi kết với 2 cái tên Đức và Argentina, đại diện cho châu Âu và Nam Mỹ. Na thị ko thể nào vui hơn, nhưng để nói tới sau. Trước khi vô màn sến sẩm, điểm tin lại các trận trong vòng tứ kết và bán kết cho tròn trách nhiệm với bản thân :P

 4 đội bị loại sau vòng tứ kết đều là những cái tên mà sự xuất hiện trở lại của họ đều đem đến những luồng sinh khí mới + mát mẻ cho WC năm nay. Trừ đội Pháp từng vô địch WC, thì 3 cái tên còn lại đều là những gương mặt mới của vòng tứ kết vì cả Colombia, Costa Rica và Bỉ đều ko đc tham dự WC 2010. Nếu như 2 trận Đức - Pháp, Argentina - Bỉ, đều có bàn thắng khá sớm ở nửa đầu hiệp một rồi tịt ngòi toàn trận thì coi bộ 2 trận kia có nhiều cái để coi hơn. Ấn tượng nhất sau vòng này là 2 anh thủ môn: người nhện Navas (Costa Rica) và lá bài bí mật Tim Krul (Hà Lan); cú sút phạt của David Luiz vào lưới Colombia và con bọ ngựa đậu trên áo James Rodríguez :P

James, you will be missed!James, you will be missed!

 Trận đấu, à ko, 1 thể loại phim ảnh gì đó ko phù hợp cho trẻ em thì đúng hơn, đầu tiên vòng bán kết là giữa Brazil và Đức. Sau chấn thương của Neymar ở trận gặp Colombia, khán giả cũng có nhiều phần lo lắng cho Brazil. Nhưng ko ngờ nỗi lo lắng của họ là hoàn toàn thừa thãi vì sau khi ghi 4 bàn thắng trong vòng 5 phút vào lưới Brazil, cổ động viên của cả 2 đội đều trào dâng những cảm xúc lẫn lộn khác chớ ko còn lo lắng nữa. Na thị bánh bèo chỉ cảm thấy thương người dân Brazil vì phải chứng kiến 1 trận thua đau lịch sử như vậy trên chính sân nhà của họ. Tội nhất là các em bé cổ động viên, còn nhỏ mà phải chứng kiến nhiều thứ ko phù hợp độ tuổi tới như vậy :( 7 - 1 là 1 tỉ số mà chắc trước trận đấu ko ai ngờ tới. Còn có ai ngờ tới mà đem cược thì giờ này chắc ngồi mát ăn bát vàng rồi huhuhu Na thị muốn làm cá độ chuyên nghiệp cơ!!! :’(

Ngoài ra đây cũng là 1 trận đấu có ít nhiều tính lịch sử khi anh Klose ghi bàn thắng thứ 16 của mình ở WC và chính thức vượt qua Rô béo (Brazil) để trở thành người ghi bàn nhiều nhất qua các kì WC.

chúc mừng anh, Miroslav Klosechúc mừng anh, Miroslav Klose

Trận đấu thứ 2 giữa Argentina và Hà Lan, vì cả 2 đều thà tranh hạng 3 còn hơn đối đầu với Đức nên suốt 120ph xà quần cho vui. Trận đấu rốt cuộc kết thúc bằng loạt sút luân lưu và cuối cùng Argentina đã thắng với tỉ số 4 - 2, nhờ phần lớn vào công của anh thủ môn Romero :D Thật sự là ko thích Hà Lan nhưng cuối trận, nhìn mấy anh áo cam thất thểu thị Na cũng có tí động lòng. Đã vậy ko vực quanh nhà 4 bề im ắng, ko có náo nhiệt như mọi hôm. Thỉnh thoảng vang lên 1 tiếng pháo bông bắn dở từ 1 fan cuồng nào đó… Lúc nào cũng vậy hết, thắng thì ganh chớ thua thì ghét, ủa lộn, thua thì tiếc lắm :(

© Getty Images  Sergio Romero (R), Lionel Messi (C) and Lucas Biglia (L) of Argentina celebrate© Getty Images Sergio Romero (R), Lionel Messi (C) and Lucas Biglia (L) of Argentina celebrate

© Getty Images  Lionel Messi, Pablo Zabaleta, Martin Demichelis, Marcos Rojo, Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano, Rodrigo Palacio and Ezequiel Garay of Argentina celebrate defeating the Netherlands in a shootout© Getty Images Lionel Messi, Pablo Zabaleta, Martin Demichelis, Marcos Rojo, Lucas Biglia, Javier Mascherano, Rodrigo Palacio and Ezequiel Garay of Argentina celebrate defeating the Netherlands in a shootout

Thôi nói chuyện Argentina. Vậy là sau bao nhiêu năm cà trật cà đụi, cuối cùng cái thị cũng có ngày đc chứng kiến Argentina bước vào chung kết WC sau 24 năm. Còn nhớ những năm cuối thập niên 70 tới đầu 90 (xạo quần, lúc đó mới chỉ là 1 cục loe ngoe thì biết cái mọe gì mà nhớ :P Cái này là do Mẹ cái thị kể lại thôi!), Argentina và Maradona đang nổi đình nổi đám trên bản đồ bóng đá thế giới. Mẹ cái thị, vốn cũng là 1 tín đồ túc cầu giáo lúc bấy giờ, mới quyết định gọi con bé là Na (chớ hong phải na với nghĩa là mãng cầu nha các bạn!) Bởi rứa nên sau này, mặc dù Argentina ko phải là đội bóng mà cái thị yêu thích nhất, nhưng nó luôn có 1 ý nghĩa đặc biệt trong lòng thị :D

 Sau thảm bại năm 2002, với thế hệ của Ba-lít-tửu-xà (Batistuta) mà Argentina còn bị loại ngay vòng bảng, thì ở 2 kì WC trước, Argentina cũng chỉ lọt vô tứ kết là cao nhất. Vũ điệu tango cũng ko còn đậm đá bản sắc như Argentina những thế hệ trước đó. Năm 2006, cái thị cũng kịp chú ý anh chàng nhỏ con nhưng kĩ thuật lừa bóng khá ảo. Nhưng rồi cũng chỉ treo tên anh lên status của Yahoo! Messenger 1 vài lần rồi quên lãng luôn sau WC. Từ đó về sau, cái thị cũng chỉ lén lút theo dõi Argentina mà thôi. Argentina đã 2 kì WC liên tiếp bị Đức loại ở vòng tứ kết, lần nào Na thị cũng đau khổ, mặc dù cũng rất thích Đức. 2 đội cũng có nhiều duyên nợ với nhau khi 2 lần liên tục gặp nhau ở trận chung kết WC 1986 và 1990, với chức vô địch cho cả 2. Năm nay 1 lần nữa 2 đội lại trạm chán nhau, nhưng là ở trận đấu quan trọng nhất. Trong cả mùa giải này, Argentina đã bị nhiều thế lực ném đá nên Na thị đây chỉ dám binh nằm vùng :P Và vào ngày Chủ nhật 13/07 này, cho dù kết quả có như thế nào đi chăng nữa, Na thị chắc chắn sẽ ko còn phải tự an ủi mình “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” nữa, vì đội vô địch nào cũng là xứng đáng. Ít nhất là trong tim của thị hihihi.

 now we know why :P

now we know why :P